In the concrete flooring industry since 1968, today VYARA  is one of the largest manufacturer of paving and other concrete materials in India, with manufacturing capacity of over 100,000 sq mtrs per month.

  • Current factory locations are at Vyara, Palsana & Sanand and office locations in Surat, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Bharuch, (in Gujarat and Maharashtra) which makes is well positioned to distribute its products across  Western India.
  • VYARA has been at the industry forefront and has to its credit several firsts in the industry (in India). It is the first company with two fully automatic  Germany big board machines. It had the distinction of being one of the first to be ISO 9001 certified (TUV Rhineland till 2018 and BSI from 2019) and a BIS licensee.
  • VYARA  has the finest test facilities for testing of Paving stones, Flagstones and  Kerbstones as per requirements of EN 1338, 1339 and 1340.
  • It is the first with the  Granamexx and Melange finish in the country, and amongst the first to launch shot blasted and washed tiles and flags.
  • Recently it became the first to launch the complete range of road kerbs and accessories in India as per EN 1340, and the first to commission a fully automatic two stage sealing and drying lines for product protection.

VYARA  aim is to create the most elegant and durable paved sites for its customer.

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At VYARA we believe that mere lip service to quality is no quality. Quality is a state of mind, an attitude to work towards meeting the customer’s functional (or technical) requirements and exceeding expectations on aesthetics.

  • Quality is the driving force for continuous improvement at VYARA. Be it the investment in infrastructure, the commitment to training of its people, or continuous development of systems.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified by BSI (TUV Rhineland from 2001-2018), the requirements of the ISO standard are not followed merely for certification purposes. They provide the guiding light for development and continuous improvement of our quality management systems.
  • A BIS Licencee for manufacture of paver blocks, we are not satisfied with conformance to BIS standards. You are also offered products conforming to requirements of European Norms
  • The finest material testing laboratory available with a paving material manufacturer in the whole of India, can be found at the Vyara unit of the company. Most of the tests required to be carried out under the BIS or the European Norms for our products are possible in-house.
  • All of the above ensure consistency in production and delivered quality, to match customer requirements and expectations.

VYARA products have been approved or recommended, and satisfactorily used for most prestigious applications in the following categories:

  • Leading Consultancy firms in the Country (including Urban Planning, Engineering, Landscape Consultants, Architectural firms etc) have specified our products for varied applications in prestigious projects.
  • Municipal Corporations of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Thana, Surat, Bhavnagar, Shirpur, Balasinhor, Navsari, Valsad etc for Road, Pedestrian and other applications.
  • Container Yards in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pipavav, Mundra, Indore, etc for Large scale work of extreme Heavy Duty applications.
  • Public Spaces like Railway Stations, Airports, Parks etc.
  • Leading Real Estate Developers in the Western Part of India for Hardscaping and also for internal Road applications of their projects.
  • Some Leading Corporate Townships and SEZs in Western India including Reliance, Torrent, Kribhco, Adani, L&T, NTPC, ONGC, KAPP etc.
  • Almost all Petroleum and Gas retailing companies including IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, Reliance, Essar, GSPC, Gujarat Gas etc. for their Petroleum Retail outlets.
  • Several Corporate Offices, Malls, Multiplexes, Clubs, Hotel Campuses, Institutional Campuses like Colleges, Schools, Hostels etc.
  • Several Industrial applications of roads, within factory shed etc.
  • Contractors across all section from the biggest corporate groups to ones doing single small projects at a time.
  • Individual residential applications like farm houses, houses etc.

Please check our applications pages to view the images of products in sites relevant to you. You may also ask us for a list of references.

Padamkumar B Jain

Founded VYARA back in 1968 as a fresh electrical engineer. Battled huge odds and obstacles including those of capital shortages, government quotas, labour strikes, able human resources, and limited availability of knowledge or guidance, and kept the company alive. At 80, still active and regular at the office.
Widely respected as a most gentle and fair entrepreneur.
BE Electrical
Interests: Family, Sports and fitness

Mrs. Kamal Jain

Co-founder of VYARA. She was instrumental in keeping the company together in the late 1960s through till the 1990s. She stays abreast with the happenings and has valuable inputs for the group.
Interests: Yoga, Meditation.

Mehul Jain
Managing Director

Joined Vyara in 1996 as a second-generation entrepreneur. Has worked hands-on in most departments of the company.
Widely respected as an industry expert, Mehul is primarily responsible for the direction and value system of the company. New product design and development give Mehul maximum satisfaction. B Com LLB from Mumbai University.
Interests: Family, Fitness, Nature

Mili Jain

Joined 1997. Mili oversees communications, administration and systems development at VYARA. She constantly acts as a moral compass for the group.
With an eye for detail and exceptional talent for organizing even the most complex matters, Mili adds spine and a strong structure to VYARA’s efforts.
BSc Delhi University
Loves: Plants, Environment, Sitcoms

Naresh Loh

Joined 2006.
Relentless, thorough, and insatiable, Naresh has been the engine of VYARA’s growth since 2010. Naresh oversees all sales and production efforts at VYARA.
He has driven the entire team to achieve the heights it has reached today. Naresh has an exceptional gift of finding solutions and ways where none seem to exist. No challenge is beyond him.
Interests: Work!!

Mukesh Jain

Joined 2002
Mukesh is the true all rounder at VYARA, overseeing the implementation of new projects, sales, purchasing, profitability, and even accounts. Mukesh will do whatever is needed for the teams and fill in any void that may remain.
Mukesh has really grown through the ranks and is a testament to what is possible to achieve for anyone.
Interests: Family & Food