At VYARA, you have options to choose from probably the widest range of finishes for Concrete Paving Materials.

High product quality from VYARA enable several Secondary finishing processes to be carried out. Most of these are carried out on automatic machines with variable controls to accurately arrive at the extent of finish required.

Shotblasted Finish

Shotblasting of Pavings is a VYARA forte. VYARA maintains an edge over the competition in quality, supply and range of Shotblasted paving.

This is a process where the Concrete surface is peened by steel shots at high velocity, to impart a slightly roughened surface. The main advantages of the process include :

  • Texturing of material for a fine architectural finish
  • Total cleaning of the concrete surface off any ungainly efflorescence
  • Exposing of aggregates- for a nice weathered look. Of course, the aggregates could also be of contrasting colours, which would further increase the ‘character’ of the paving material
  • Imparting some evenness to the concrete

If the shotblasted material is likely to be subjected to dust and dirt, we strongly recommend the surface be sealed/ coated for protection and better looks.