At VYARA, you have options to choose from probably the widest range of finishes for Concrete Paving Materials.

High product quality from VYARA enable several Secondary finishing processes to be carried out. Most of these are carried out on automatic machines with variable controls to accurately arrive at the extent of finish required.

Washbeton-Exposed aggregate

The Pebblino series from VYARA offers to you washed Tiles and Flags with river bed, stone and manmade pebbles. Bring the river beds to your doorstep!

The process of ‘washing’ involves controlled washing of fresh or semi fresh concrete products in a manner whereby a controlled exposure of aggregates is obtained. Typically, aggregates are exposed by about 25-30% of their total size. The washing process can add tremendously to the finish of the concrete depending on the size, colour, shape and combination of the aggregates used.

The products are as a standard, supplied with PremierShield protection.