A traditional, highly skilled method of in-situ concrete rendition, the VYARA Stonecrete offers fine exposed-aggregate textures for walls and floors. Applied in about 7 to 10 mm thickness for walls and 15 to 20 mm for floors, these natural, versatile and durable textures beautify and fortify the surfaces on which they are applied.


6 big reasons to say “NO” to any Stonecrete and opt ONLY Stonecrete from VYARA


Stonecrete Brochure

Stonecrete for Walls

Hydrophobic: The Stonecrete textures provided by VYARA are polymerised and hydrophobic, which means the finishes are  water repellent  and durable.. This property enhances the life and structural integrity of the surface on which it is applied.

Efflorescence Resistant: Owing to the special integral additives and the optional top coat of water-based acrylic sealants, the VYARA Stonecrete is efflorescence resistant.

This PremierShield protection greatly enhances the look of the wall finish without risks of yellowing or fading, provides a sheen and ensures longer life of the wall finish. In this way, the patchiness and salt blooming commonly seen in other concrete renditions is largely avoided.