Terrazzo tiles help create tranquil and timeless spaces, unlike many expensive and shiny materials where experiences and memories rarely linger. 

Realisation of a terrazzo floor is a relatively longer process. A designer is required to plan well in advance, apply oneself, convince the customer and interact with the manufacturer.


Terrazzo Brochure


Cast In Situ Terrazzo flooring have undergone a sea change in the last few years. Premixed material for terrazzo floors with distinctly superior characteristics is now offered under our FreeForm brand.  Please click here for more information on this range of products

As one of the most respected designers in the country put it, “you can’t help but be totally charmed when you come across a well done in situ floor, and not many floors do this to you”.
An ancient method of flooring, in situ floors are designed and constructed as unique floors. Even with their playful imperfections, laid on site cement terrazzo floors are an epitome of design and context in floorings.

Improved quality of new age additives, sealants and intensive polishing equipment now make terrazzo floors more practical than ever before. 
We are happy to offer materials and in some cases agencies for the construction and finishing of in situ concrete floors. The premix for terrazzo is specially made for the project with suitable mix designs and integral admixtures.

Please refer to www.freeformbyvyara.in for more details on the range of architectural premixes for on-site application by FreeForm.