Infrastructure applications make extreme demands on flooring materials. Landscaping applications present a totally different set of challenges. Designers aim to enhance the quality of life, and of social interactions through artful creation and connection of spaces.

The aim at VYARA is to add value to the project whether it be in the infrastructural or landscaping realm. To add value by helping create timeless landscapes that are full of character, each one reflecting its unique context, while enlivening the senses and improving the experience of the project, for the user as well as to the visitor.

At VYARA, our no holds barred approach to provide quality never lets us cut any corners, and never lets you down on quality or trust.

We define quality as

  • Uncompromising Product quality (conformance and performance)
  • Timely delivery
  • Service


You are invited to developing a relationship with us, and rest assured, we will not lose your trust.



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