The “Roughwalk” range of Chequered tiles are a great option (to lifeless concrete floors or cheap stones that rob the charm of fine projects), with their characteristics of

  • Durable, hard wearing and easy to clean surfaces
  • extremely wide options in designs and colours
  • ease and speed of laying and economical

“Roughwalk” can really add to the spaces mentioned above and help integrate these space to the character of the main project.

At VYARA, “Roughwalk Tiles” are manufactured using

  1. UV stable Colours- to withstand the extreme weather conditions
  2. Coordinated colour aggregates for a life time of beauty
  3. The most contemporary machines with automatic vibration, rubber moulds and using WET PRESS technology for sharp colours, minimum pinholes, high durability and razor sharp finishes

The Roughwalk Series of tiles comprises of five basic groups, based on tile design and application purpose.

Product Range

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